Clean-Up Days

In addition to removing all trash generated by our activities and other visible litter in the area, we have committed to the City of Aurora to hold Clean-Up Days in the Spring and Fall each year.

During these Clean-Up Days, we will remove litter that has blown onto the field or been left behind by other users of the field. We will concentrate on the frontage along Page Road from Bartlett Road north to the culvert, and along Bartlett Road from Page Road east to 855 Bartlett Road. We will also make a few passes through the remainder of the field to pick up any visible trash. Please bring gloves and a trash bag or three. Trash bags are to be left by the trash can at the parking lot for City crews to remove on the next work day.

Rocket launching activities will not begin on Clean-Up Days until the field has first been cleared of all trash.

Last updated: March 5, 2011.