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The O'Reilly Field launch site is located in Middlefield (Parkman Township), Geauga County, Ohio, at 16735-16766 Hosmer Road (41°24'48"N, 81°02'42"W), on the east side of Hosmer Road north of its intersection with Farley Road.

Farley & Hosmer (turn left)

Farley & Hosmer signs

South end of the field

Heading north on Hosmer

Approaching the field

All vehicles shall park in the driveway of the house at 16735 Hosmer Road (in the northwest corner of the field). Please do not drive or park on the lawn (even if it is just one side of your car).

Continue past the barn

Park in driveway of house at 16735 Hosmer Road

The model rocket (Class 1) range will be set up behind the house, while the high-power (Class 2) range will be set up near the farm lane to the east of the barn. The trees in the photos along the farm lane and the trees on the old south property line have been removed. The clear recovery area is a 130-plus acre square measuring over 2,400 feet on each side.

Gravel Area Behind Barn

Farm Lane Behind Barn (trees have been removed)

Field Overview

Rocket launching at this field shall be permitted only on dates scheduled in advance by MTMA with the property owner.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has issued a waiver of sections 101.25(e) and 101.25(f) of Federal Aviation Regulations Part 101 (FAR 101) for all launches at the O'Reilly Field from October 2013 through June 2014. In accordance with this waiver, the maximum ceiling imposed for all Class 2–High-Power Rockets is 4,800 feet AGL at this site. All rockets to be launched are subject to approval by the Range Safety Officer (RSO) and the Launch Control Officer (LCO). For rockets weighing more than 16 ounces, the RSO will consult the "Waiver Table" from Rocketry Online's Info-Central ( If the predicted maximum altitude of any rocket / motor combination exceeds 4,300 feet in that table, a flight simulation shall be required. Flight simulations may be prepared using RockSim, wRASP, or wRASP32 with an initial Cd of 0.35. A higher Cd will only be accepted if previously verified by altimeter-equipped flights.

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