The Mantua Township Missile Agency (MTMA) is Section #606 of the National Association of Rocketry (NAR). We are a group of rocketeers in the greater Kent, Ohio area. Our gatherings are informal, family-oriented “rocket-picnics”. Most of us have children, and they are encouraged to participate. We usually hold launches on the second and fourth weekends of each month. For any weekend of a scheduled launch, the launch is planned for Saturday with Sunday as a rain date.js_rocket

Our launches are conducted in accordance with the NAR Model Rocket Safety Code and the NAR High Power Rocket Safety Code. All rockets to be launched are subject to approval by the Range Safety Officer (RSO) and the Launch Control Officer (LCO). For certain sizes of rockets and rockets expected to reach certain altitudes, a flight simulation may be required. Refer to the information contained in the individual launch site pages for specific information for the Location of each launch site.

MTMA launches are open to all. Non-member range fees are $5 per launch day. A Basic club membership is $10 per family per calendar year, and entitles the member family to a reduced range fee of $2 per launch dayDSC_0217_20100618_376. A Frequent Flyer membership is $20 per family per calendar year, and entitles the member family to fly without paying range fees for the entire calendar year. Dues and fees are all “per-family”. Range fees are “once-per-launch-day”, not “once-per-flight”.

Information about upcoming launches and and local weather may be found on the Upcoming Events page. To view launch announcements and updates right up to the morning of the launch, go to the MTMA Yahoo! Group.